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My Mother taught me embroidery basics at age 7. Needlework is an art to which I've returned many times throughout my life- in times of stress, as a creative outlet, and as a source of meditation. The slowness and deliberateness of it.... I have always found to be calming. Embroidery, knitting, crocheting, sewing....most of the women through the generations in my family were skilled at one or more of these arts.
During a recent move, I rediscovered my embroidery "stash". I have many of the unfinished textiles which were projects started, never finished by my Mother and Grandmothers. I look forward to interpreting them in a way other than which they were intended.
Until then, I'm busy creating the "You're too sensitive" vintage lingerie collection: wordplay, embroidery, and vintage lingerie/underwear- pieces that take WEEKS to complete... in very slow, calming, hand embroidery- my meditation in a chaotic, frenetic world. I hope you enjoy them!
My bejeweled and buttoned mannequin sculptural assemblages began during a bout of insomnia in 2002 after the deaths of my mother and both grandmothers, from whom I inherited vast accumulations of costume jewelry, textiles, and other assorted objects. I was saddened that most of these old, wonderful, some beautiful, some broken, abandoned items would be thrown out or packed away, likely never to be seen again. With mixed emotions I began experimenting with assemblage.
Each “twisted mosaic” is spontaneously, intuitively created, never planned.  The end result is a one of a kind, (some say my alter egos?) comprised of assorted found objects. My goal is to engage the viewer’s imagination as well the eye by hinting at private feelings, dreams, or abstract thoughts, often with a glimpse of humor or darkness and sarcasm. 

Professional photo credits:  Leo Reinfeld- an amazing photographer and dear friend!!

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