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Judy has been a resident of Klamath Falls, Oregon since 1958. She was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and found a passion for painting much later in life. Judy and her husband Howard have owned a prosperous business in Klamath Falls for over 40 years and have three grown children. 
In 1976, Judy began painting after her husband purchased a set of oil paints for her birthday. Judy immediately enrolled in art classes and enthusiastically learned from many renowned artists such as; Robert Bateman, Jessica Zemsky, Jack Hines and Veryl Goodnight to name a few. 
Three years later, Howard took eleven of Judy's paintings to Gene Favell, the owner and founder of the Favell Museum, for his expert opinion. Mr. Favell instantly purchased all of her paintings which immediately launched Judy's 35 year career as an artist. It has been an experience of a lifetime for Judy, learning valuable lessons in art, while traveling and selling her paintings across the country. 
Judy is fortunate to live in the heart of the Pacific Flyway, living only minutes away from the Upper Klamath Lake (the largest natural body of fresh water in Oregon), internationally know Tulelake and Lower Klamath Lake featuring the National Wildlife Refuges. Every spring and fall, nearly all waterfowl fly the pacific flyway and funnel into these three areas. Judy's husband is an accomplished photographer and has provided unlimited research material for her paintings. 
Judy is fascinated with water and this fascination is featured in many of her landscapes. Judy has studied the clarity and flow of water, and has established a technique of applying a base-coat of acrylic and then layering multiple layers of oil in a glazing technique to portray the beautiful lifelike water. 
Art has many facets, and Judy believes through her association with Gene Favell, she learned a great deal [...]

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