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Born in San Diego, California, I describe myself as a self-educated independently driven person.  I chose law as my first career .  After receiving my Juris Doctor degree from University of Miami Law School, my legal career was that of a General Magistrate in the Family and Juvenile Courts of Miami, FL.  All during my legal career, I continued my individual study of  painting, displaying and marketing my works, and teaching painting.  Since I hold bar memberships in Florida, Montana and Louisiana (now retired from law),  I have traveled extensively in these venues, which increased  my familiarity with wetland marshes and incredible landscape painting opportunities, and first-hand observation of my heritage.  Over the 30+ years I have painted, I have enjoyed teaching, workshops and the company of like-minded artists.
My undergraduate educational direction into law, didn't leave time for formal art training.   My knowledge of art comes from continual self studying, experimenting, failing, studying, experimenting and painting, painting, painting.  While non-artists often think of artists as sometimes mentally undisciplined and free to create whenever the “mood” strikes, this is not the case for the professional artist.  Both sides of the brain are at work.  Being a professional artist is like being a professional anything, - it requires a dedicated work ethic.  I go into my studio poised to work, stay focused, review the studies for plein air painting, stay on schedule, study, handle the business paperwork,  stick to the goals I set for myself and remain ever challenged to create a masterpiece.   All of this is not without joy and passion.  Entering the studio each morning is like walking into  a candy store and wanting to taste everything, even though you already know how deliciously sweet it will be.
I have always held a distinct appreciation and love for historical 19th [...]

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