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Artist Statement
"The indefinite complexity of nature produces vibrant colors and structures in the form of diverse life. Each form rhythmic in it's existence. Most systems of life around us begin with the penetrating warmth of our sun. As I experience these natural wonders my emotions follow the theme of life; purposeful and serene, excited by color and patterns, calmed by warm light. This amalgam of chance has, of itself, produced a natural art that I find myself resonating with. This is what I am inspired to capture in my paintings."
Growing up on a Louisiana farm, Judy Falkoff spent the bulk of her time outdoors. Observing the life cycle of plants and insects proved to be a powerful influence in her artistic development. “I prefer anything natural over manufactured goods.” “I’ve learned to spend time just looking. Painting flowers taught me how to see, how to look at art.”Like many children, Judy loved “crafty” art projects growing up, but it was not until she was older that she had time to pursue her passion for painting. She credits a 4th Grade teacher with giving her the opportunity to work on an Egyptian mural as a turning point in her relationship with art.Once she went to nursing school she had to silence her fascination with art, but after her career in health care and moving to raise her children she began to paint more and discovered art all over again. Judy was self taught but later received traditional training from Master Artist, Jeff Legg, her artistic mentor, who encouraged her to pursue her love of nature through painting. The color and vibrancy of Spanish art, particularly Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, is also a visual inspiration for her work. Following the long tradition of representational painting, accuracy and detail are the hallmark of her depictions [...]

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