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I attended Art Center School of Design and CSUN and have a BA in Graphic Design and a teaching credential in Art Education.  I taught middle school art for over 25 years in Southern California.  I’ve worked in all media including animation, sculpture and photography, and illustrated three children’s workbooks, but watercolor is my passion.  I like the way the pigments mix on the paper and flow from the tip of the brush, I can play for hours with paper, paint and water.  Add some salt and a spray bottle and I’m set for a day or two.I moved to the Sierra Foothills Gold Country following my retirement, and began studying with several local artists.  I love learning new techniques and using new colors combinations. I paint everyday from only a few minutes to 8 hours, if I am really inspired.   I paint because I simply love to.  I am inspired by hum…almost anything and everything.  Landscapes or seascapes, anywhere in the world, Norway, Germany, Italy, Greece, or around the corner on China Graveyard, or up on Electra Road.  I see a combination of colors, shapes or textures and they reach out and grab me.  Sometimes animals do, like the elephants in Shi Lanka, or the Koala in Australia, portraits of my grandchildren are always fun, or flowers in my yard, like I said almost anything. Playing with paint or drawing becomes a push or pull between the process of painting and the product you can produce.  Do I just sit and play or do I want to paint a picture?  Sometimes I am having so much fun playing I am surprised a “Painting” is the result.  I like to paint plein air, but sometimes that is not possible so, I have hundreds photographs of my travels and this area I live in, I [...]

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