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I consider myself to be an artist by birth:  I have always had a love affair with detail and color.   I’ve also had an infinite fascination with the human form, which has helped infuse my work with life and vitality. Impressionist in feel, the brushwork I strive for creates a liveliness on the canvas - the paint is descriptive as well as animated, defining yet vibrant.  Add to that a vast color palette, leaving an exciting, visually stimulating work that I hope will impress upon you, the viewer.Educated  at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a degree in Fine Arts/Drawing and Painting, and subsequently with an Master’s degree in  medical illustration from the Medical College of Georgia (Georgia Health Sciences University GHSU),  I have always had an eye and a heart for the figure, the natural world and their infinite beauty.   Having worked in the fields of cardiac, neuroanatomy, and orthopedics, I've developed a keen sense of observation and communication, which translates to in my current work as a form of dialog.   The psychology of observation is a topic of irresistible curiosity; forever intrigued by how the elements in a work can predictably move a viewer’s eye around that work of art is fascinating to me.  As an art instructor privately at the Phenix City Art Center in Alabama and at Columbus State University in Columbus GA, I work with students to help them realize how important the ability to see detail is, whether chosen as an aspect or not, and how powerful the design and composition is to the success of their work, as well as use as a device to create a connection with their viewers.Explore and enjoy the work within.  I hope one day to be your artist of choice. 

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