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Judy Ballance was born in Oklahoma, grew up in California and lives in New Jersey. She majored in art in college and worked in direct mail advertising in Berkeley, CA until she married and began traveling with her Air Force husband. While moving from place to place Judy painted, raised a family and took art classes.
In New Jersey, she studied illustration, graphic design and computer graphics at Ducret School of the Arts, Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art and Pratt Institute. In addition, she has attended fine art workshops with prestigious artists. Judy has also read and re-read the more than 200 books in her private library.
She has been in every State in the United States, much of Europe, Canada, Mexico, Egypt, Morocco, China, Japan, Peru, Thailand and Vietnam. Her life has been enlightened with new experiences, cultures, architecture, and people. Most importantly, she has visited numerous art museums and studied hundreds of art masterpieces.
Judy works in both watercolor and acrylic. Her work includes several genres but her passion is painting and drawing people. Her inspiration comes from living in so many different places and the experience of many different cultures.
Judy believes the artist must discover who she is and put herself into her creations. The art should be interesting and passionate. The artist needs to be willing to make mistakes and to learn from the mistakes.  She must work hard, have fun and be determined.

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