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A true native New Yorker, Judith was raised and educated in the city. She showed an early interest in drawing and painting; indeed, while in elementary school her painting was chosen as part of an exhibit at The Jewish Museum. Her parents had a collection of art books and from an early age, Judith  immersed herself in the world of art. Becoming an artist seemed very remote to her as this was something only a chosen few could aspire to.
Throughout her high school and college years, literature was her was her major field of interest. An obsessive reader, she majored in Comparative Literature and won the Henry Goldstein Award in Liberal Arts. After marriage she then continued her studies in graduate school. One summer, she took a sculpture class and soon this pursuit became a passion. She studied sculpture with Chaim Gross and the Barney Hodes at the Brooklyn Museum. 
 After obtaining her PHD in Comparative Literature Judith eventually became a Professor of English and Comparative Literature at New York University and Hofstra University. Because of the extensive art background on her resume, she was asked to teach a seminar on art theory and contemporary art. The dichotomy between the verbal and the visual has been a thread throughout Judith's life.
In 2001, desiring to immerse herself in the fine arts once more, Judith decided to take a drawing class at The Arts Students Leauge in New York. There she studied anatomy with Michael Burban, drawing with George Cannata and painting with Knox Martin and Cornelia Foss. However the two teachers who had the strongest impact on her work were Mary Beth McKenzie and Tom Torak who emphasized  the textural quality of paint and the importance of painting the light. Judith's interest in painting centers on the human eye. Gone is the abstract [...]

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