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I live in El Cerrito, CA, having moved there in 2015 after living in Ann Arbor, MI all my life. I earned a B.S. in Design from the University of Michigan School of Architecture and Design in 1964 majoring in painting and printmaking (primarily lithography). I have exhibited my works on paper for 50 years in regional and national shows and in arts publications. Together with poet Laurence W.  Thomas, I published The Face in the Mirror, a collection of poems and collages.   I am the Art Editor of Third Wednesday, a quarterly literary and art magazine.  I have a Facebook page, Judith Jacobs Digital Art Studio, featuring my art, pictures and shows that interest me, and ongoing posts about other art world matters.
I have always been attracted to art that combines many images and materials; my favorite artists include  Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Sigmar Polke, and a number of other multi-media artists.  Since the 1970's, my media had been paper-and-paste collage, monotype, and combinations of these.  Then and now, I have found beauty in graffiti and materials from the streets and from pop culture.  In 1999, using Photoshop, I began scanning my collection of disparate papers and photos into my computer and was fascinated to find the collage process suddenly expanding endlessly; not only could these materials be combined, moved, and placed seamlessly onscreen, but the resulting images could, through Photoshop wizardry, be changed and transformed.  To a much greater extents than was possible through literal cut-and-paste, I was now able to create "paintings" that were infinitely more than the sum of their parts.  In the process of working digitally, I found that I was making the same, familiar kinds of compositional and color decisions as when painting and collaging actual papers.  This was [...]

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