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For Judy Britain, art’s essence is communicating feelings and perceptions. For thirty years she took a pragmatic business approach to art: graphic design, marketing and consulting. Although she loved to create, she was too immersed in business to take personal time to explore. In 2000, Judy dropped out of the 9 to 5 work world and redirected her focus to a full time pursuit of art. Her abundant energy, perhaps held back for so many years now bursts forth from her sculptures, paintings and pastels.
It took Judy awhile to uncover her connection with clay. Searching for her medium, and fascinated with three-dimensions, she began weaving baskets and creating figures in paper mache and other materials. Then, she found clay. “When I put my hands into wet clay, something takes over,” she explains. Judy brings clay to life with exacting detail and flowing motion - the sway of a skirt, the start of a smile, the gesture of a hand. Her characters are warm, accessible and welcoming. 
Judy expanded into other media, transferring her experience in sculpture to painting in acrylic and pastel. She takes her understanding of how light defines three-dimensional texture and shape and applies it to a two-dimensional surface, adding color and perspective. The warmth of her sculptures reemerges in the paintings. The work glows ... a seeming reflection of the artist herself.
Her commissioned work includes portraits and other figures in clay. Her work can be seen in public and private collections. Her work has been included in exhibitions and juried shows in the Chattanooga area since 2000.



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