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My first recognition as an artist came in first grade when "Field of Daisies" my pastel drawing was chosen to be hung on the door of the Principal's office.  .It was the beginning of a life long journey searching for that subject inspiring my hand and heart to place it on paper, record it's magnificence.
I was told by a wise woman many years ago that I was an earth sprite, completely at home wandering the hills and dales and looking for the wonders of each new day. She definitely was right.  Life and art for me are about discovery; a tiny plant pushing through the earth, the exciting color and shapes and motion of a flower garden, the inner spirit of a face.  When I walk the craggy cliffs or sandy beaches I want to record the vision of energy and flickering light, of ever changing seas and skies.  Rich color and energetic brushwork describe my art no matter what my medium. My subjects are simple, but nonetheless powerful in their own right. A cottage, a mansion, both offering shelter in a different way.  When I am asked, "what do you paint " my answer is always the same--- LIFE--- it's never dull or boring there is always something new to find, no end to learning and growing.  Although never producing an exact replica, I paint what I feel is the soul and passion of my challenge. 
I have always felt a kindredship with Louis Comfort Tiffany;  the  luminosity of color, the pieces, the exquisite patterns, subjects with spirit and nobility...our quests are the same.  I am so grateful for this time that I have been given, to wake each day looking forward to whatever magic unfolds. It's the essence of my art and inspiration.  Could anyone ask for more?

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