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J Pollack's art is an expression of his love for Life and a declaration for the beauty of being.  He attributes his creativity to the bountiful Spirit that has passed through the rich history and generations of his family, and the encouragement afforded him by his parents from an early age.  Each of his works, in painting and sculpture, is guided not only by his own hands and inspiration, but by the essence and spirit of the subject and the medium itself. Born in New York in 1954, the first American in his family of Jewish and non-Jewish survivors of war-torn Germany, Jeffrey showed an affinity for art in his early youth.  Guided by his mother's teachings, his early drawings and amateur paintings gained him recognition in various competitions and school art projects.  His father, driven by a desire to see his homeland again, and through business opportunities as a U.S. Civilian working for the U.S. Air Force, brought the young family to Germany, in 1965.  Jeffrey was about to turn 11 years of age, and art had clearly become his calling.At age 12, he was brought to the attention of a noted master artist, Alfred Herzfeld, whose Academy of Art provided private tutelage in all mediums of drawing and painting, most notably the Old Master Egg Tempera techniques of Dutch Masters and the Flemish School.  "Herr" Herzfeld had been a protege of Max Doerner of the Muenchen Academy of Fine Arts, and was renowned for his restorations of important and treasured works in the Louvre in Paris, Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, and other museums in Germany and Italy.  His Academy never took in students under the age of 18...for Jeffrey he made an exception.Jeffrey studied with Herzfeld for 5 years....perspective drawing, watercolor, pastel, oil, and most especially, Old Master painting.  Already in his early youth, Jeffrey was seeking the [...]

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