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The fond memory of drawing wild flowers and dragon flies during my childhood has stayed with me during a life long journey through the wonder of landscape art. While I pursed my passion of becoming a dentist I never forgot the dream of being an artist. The two seemingly different roads crossed each other in my life in a beautiful way.
I practice dentistry in Ridgewood, New Jersey and in my spare time have ambitiously pursued my dream of being a professional artist. I am fascinated by oil painting for its richness and permanency. The keen observational skills I learned from dentistry helps me see the hidden beauty from ordinary things and express the subtlety in art, while my artistic perspective helps me fine tune my cosmetic dentistry.
Recently I found myself particularly enjoying the act of outdoor painting at location. I become a part of the air, wind and light while painting in nature. In that moment I become present and immersed in the wonder of landscape art. It brings me the utmost joy to find my purpose in art. While so much is transient, art is forever!

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