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"Joy. This. Painting. Is. Phenomenal!!!!! It fills the pores of my heart and soul. It’s so full of life and gorgeously rendered. I don’t even know all the goodness I’m perceiving here. Let me just say, you are a master."  E.S.

"A friend just did this painting and I LOVE it!!!  Something about it just hit me! Wow... had to share it! I guess it's the color and movement... I don't know-- it oozes life to me."  C.M.W.

"This painting is incredible!!! It shows that life is not black-and-white. These colors infuse me, through my eyes right into the spiritual world and beyond! Sending you light and love!"  D.K.P.
"Joy Schultz, You may love this feedback... I showed this beautiful work to my teen son. He said it reminded him of "beautiful Minecraft" which is a video game he uses to design worlds of his own. Art and life meet in the strangest ways! Count me in for a dozen!"  M.M.

"I really do love your drawings. They really have a magical quality to them." G. T.


I've been drawing and painting for about twenty years in many different media.
I started focusing on it when my children entered school
after homeschooling them through elementary school. I was really inspired by the variety and playfulness I encountered
in children's book illustrations.I taught painting and sketching to adults at the local community education department of Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colorado for about ten years.
On April 8, 2020, because of the quarantine I was inspired to draw a self portrait. I drew a self portrait (sometimes more than one) almost everyday until July 26.
Really appreciating the ability to be outside again and the company of others I started
sketching people on the bike path, in the park, at the dog park, and finally in
the streets of downtown Littleton, where bands were playing for restaurants and 
tables were put out in the street for social distancing.
It's been really fun to carry materials with me on my bike and walking
to draw and paint spontaneously from life. As it's gotten colder and 
dark sooner I'm finding new ways to still draw directly from life around me.
Lately I am really loving using black ink with a brush or a pen,
and sometimes adding color with watercolor. 
Mostly I'm all about spontaneously drawing what is in front of me.I love the process. It is so healing for me, and always a surprise. 
People have shared with me that they see my work as so alive and fresh.I love that. May it enliven and refresh you, too. (The drawing below was inspired by a poem by David Whyte, called "Coleman's Bed".He has been offering deep and inspiring Sunday seminars during the pandemic.)MAKE A NESTING NOW Make a nesting now, a place to which the birds can come, think of Kevin’s prayerful palm holding the blackbird’s egg and be the one, looking out from this place who warms interior forms into light. Feel the [...]

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