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Growing up on a farm, I learned that Nature is the most sublime artist of all.  In later years when I thought of becoming an artist, that realization turned into a challenge.  How could one capture the palette of a sunrise or sunset?  Colors that constantly evolve into new hues and shades.  How could one ensnare the monochromatic journey of clouds on canvas, ever shifting from glowing pastels to gloomy tones?  How could one reveal the essence of a flower? The exquisite inner architecture that embraces galaxies of light and color.
More than a decade ago, I began intensive study to help me unlock the subtle beauty created by Nature.  If my efforts allow you to see the beauty of a flower in a different way...appreciate the illusiveness of a cloud...admire the majesty of a sunset or sunrise, well, then, it's worth all those untold hours spent in front of an easel..

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