Artist Joyful Enriquez

An example of fine art by Joyful Enriquez

Photo of Joyful Enriquez

The Artist Says:

"The mysterious quality of the ocean continues to capture my imagination with its wonder and beauty and motivates me to share it with others."

Other Artists Say:

“She always challenges herself and never accepts anything less than her very best. Her standard has always been one of excellence - a standard that comes through long hours, tears, joy, and determination. She was and still is a tireless worker. She invests in community and seeks insight from fellow artists, teachers, research materials, and professionals. Her artwork reveals her knowledge and desire to dig deeper and to “see” with a keener vision. Joyful has many artistic strengths, but her greatest is her character. I have found Joyful to be friendly, courteous, organized, sincere, and genuine.”  - Master Artist Brian Jekel