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Joye DeGoede & the JoyEful Party Animals®
Joye DeGoede (pronounced Joy Dee-Good) is the artist behind the original “JoyEful Party Animals”®. She left her 18 year art teaching career in 2012 to pursue art full time.  She called her favorite bunny and scotch loving Aunt to share the news. A fun idea emerged from the phone conversation.   Joye was inspired to paint a little rabbit with a glass of scotch.  She named him “Hop Scotch”©.  The “JoyEful Party Animals”® were born!  
Her works juxtapose reality with fantasy, inspiring the viewer to see the fun in the mundane and the vast opportunities for joy in our everyday world. Joye, says "I love painting the surrealistic mixture of animals imitating human habits and in their natural habitat.  My art has taken an unanticipated fun turn. I was very serious with my subject matter and message. Life is too short not to laugh, smile and enjoy life. I haven't strayed from my original artist statement, just a "Joyeful rabbit trail."
“Art emanates from the heart.  One does not choose to become an artist, but is instead chosen by the art.  I have always had a need to translate my thoughts into art.  To my mind, art and emotions are synonymous.  My wish is that my work will shake up the way we see and appreciate the everyday life around us.  To cause the viewer to slow down for a time; to see the curiosity in a child’s eyes, the wisdom in an older face, the power of beast and nature… ultimately to seek to understand and respect our world around us.  I believe if we find seek to find joy and focus on the positive aspects of life; we will clearly see opportunities to solve the challenges on our planet.”
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