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New in 2015 -- a new place to call home ... Grass Valley, CA
New places always stimulate new thinking, new friends, new adventures. It will be interesting to see how this new place will change my life.
If you would like to be part of this art adventure, please contact me at [email protected]
Beauty is not a luxury, nor an art;
It is the soul's breath of life.

Life is alchemical.  Made up of stardust, we become creators, transforming our lives into meaning, beauty and connection to the world around us and the spirit within us.  Art is part of that magical process, mixing raw color and light, lines and patterns, shapes and voids into new realities that live in the world and touch all who make or see them.


Being part of this creative birthing process brings me joy, often surprising and delighting me.  I am a convergent media artist which means I blend photography and painting within the magical canvas of photoshop.
My art begins with images captured with my always-with-me camera, taking pictures of everyday beauty ... pebbles on a beach, a garden gate, a bright arrangement of bottles, a man playing a harmonica on a cool evening.  These images call me to play; some wave their hands, shouting "Choose me! Choose me!"

In the endless sandbox of possibilities known as Photoshop, these clammering images are then layered together, manipulated, cut apart, remixed, blended and transformed into something completely new and unexpected, something that is me, yet not me.  This reimagined reality leads into a new way of viewing the world and offers that mysterious gift of spirit we call art.  
What results is a style of art known as figurative abstracts ... work that begins with recognizable objects or figures and uses them to reveal a different level of reality or imagination.
Sometimes convergent media art (often [...]

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