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Watercolor and bright color are my passions!  I love the challenge, spontaneity, and continuous learning process surrounding the medium. Watercolor, for me, is about the transparency of the colors, blending of hues, allowing white paper to "shine through" the paint and letting the water flow - all characteristics that intrigue me.
Stained paper collage, which adds the element of texture, with watercolor has proved an exciting adjunct to this medium.  I've recently discovered the art of Watercolor Batik, a lengthy process utilizing watercolors and wax.  This method holds the exciting element of abundant surprises
My artwork is an attempt to capture a moment in time - a moment that reflects the beauty that surrounds us in nature.  I am located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the Los Angeles, CA basin.  This scenic area offers many opportunities to explore nature and its many scenic sights are often my subjects.  Finding new ways to express what I see keeps me continually inspired.  

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