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Hello, I'm Joyce.  My journey with art began when my children left home. I started sketching. There were no masterpieces back then but I enjoyed it. My husband encouraged me to take an art class for fun. I had a lot of trepidation about others seeing my work but I did it. Oh my, I fell in love! So many things  began to change for me. I looked at things in shape and color and composition... wow.  More community classes followed the first. I went from pastels to oil painting, which I love. I took group classes and began self-learning as well. Now I primarily use acrylics or oil mediums and enjoy them both. 

I painted a host of things in an effort to find "THE" thing I loved to paint. The verdict is I love variety! I love color, warmth, expressions of love, dancers (especially ballet), and things that convey hope and inspire.
I believe the point of art is to engage the mind and emotions of the viewer. So my goal is to create paintings stir feelings of warmth, happiness, fun, and love for the viewer.  Secondly, to influence people to enjoy making art themselves. I do that through Paint Nite type events / parties and encouraging young painters one on one. Painting is therapeutic; it can and should be enjoyed on many levels. I'm a friendly compassionate person and I love to give the gift of encouragement to others. 
It has taken a long time for me to be able to say, “I’m an artist.” Now I humbly accept these words, as it is true. Although I still have a lot to learn I am now an artist!  Nursing has been my career and painting has been my hobby for years, but now they are becoming equal competitors. I’m on to the next [...]

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