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As an artist, I enjoy capturing the fleeting glances we get of our surroundings. That is why I use acrylic paint. It is a fast medium that forces an artist to be in the moment. I paint on hardwood panels that I make myself. I like how the grain of the wood helps shape each painting.
The subject matter I enjoy most is the world around me. This usually means landscapes, from the mountains near my hometown to the red rock deserts to the south. I also love architecture and how, like the landscape around us, it can help shape us and how we feel. Painting has taught me to pay closer attention to my surroundings, to see how the light plays on everything and to see everyday objects from a fresh perspective.
I have always wanted to paint. It took well into my adult life to really dive in as an artist, but it was a desire that I have felt my entire life. I paint almost every day to make up for lost time and to work at finding new ways to depict the things I see.

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