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More than anything else, I have been called intense.  Intensity is only felt because of the contrast between moments or feelings.  
An intensity of feeling creates a moment that stands in stark contrast in your memory.  
A spark turned to burning fire.  A vision that steals your breath.
I am a traveler.  I have lived my 37 years in Colorado, New England, the American South, around the globe in Australia and England, and now in the Pacific Northwest.   
I worked in an office on a computer for over a decade.  Saving money and vacation days for another trip to see somewhere new, somewhere beautiful.  Stopping on a highway to watch snow fall on green hills.  Wading through fields to see a monstrous tree from beneath.  
I remember coasts and oceans, deserts and mountains.  Cities and trees and rivers and skies.  Clouds into skylines.  Cliffs into seas.  Color into darkness.  Moments of magic and beauty.  Intense vibrant color, stark silhouette or the simple and unexpected.
I collected snapshots of amazing sights and set my screensaver to cycle through sunsets and skylines and ocean views.  These were my visions that let me escape.  Finally, I brought a painting into my office.  Seeing someone stop and stare at my work in the middle of the day made me realize that collecting magical moments wasn't enough.  They must be shared.  
Savor intensity.  Share memories.
"Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one."
-Stella Adler

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