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I discovered fine art while attending Marist College, in the Mid Hudson Valley of N.Y. State and received the Baccalaureate award for studio art after completing my degree there, in 1994. Concentrating on painting and drawing, and having train ride access to all that New York City’s museums and galleries had to offer, I developed a particular connection with the observable world around me and the methods of interpreting that, whether by color, line or value. While my style is grounded in realism, Expressionism and Impressionism have always shown through in my execution, not all together intentionally. Figure and portrait have been my most common subject, but my interests are not limited there.
I have lived in Austin, TX, where I practice my art and create, since the mid 90s. Here I have become a contributing faculty member of Atelier Dojo Austin, a newly established figurative based school and community of artists and students, with similar goals of communicating subject through direct observation. 
The last 15 years have been primarily concentrated in soft pastel work, although I have stacks of pencil drawings and a smattering of oil paintings through out this period as well.

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