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''... An abundantly prolific artist, Kote has spent his three-decade-long career chasing a vision that he can set down on canvas. Constantly challenging himself, his talents rest not only in his choice of subject matter - the landscapes and people that continually inspire him - but in his own inventive technique and style, a combination of classical training and modern-day attitudes. A remarkable force of a painter, Kote’s singular artistic vision has managed to sustain him for his entire career, providing a deep, rich, and prolific body of work. Forever inspired by the world around him, he has shown keen insight into the nature of existence and given viewers a unique opportunity to contemplate and appreciate their surroundings, seeing them in a new and fresh way. As with any artist, Kote will undoubtedly continue to grow and flourish, and it will be nothing short of exciting to see where this takes him. ''  Kote lives and works in Connecticut.

By Emma Laramie
Art Historian and Writer 
BA in Art History from Pace University
Master of Arts (M.A.) at Christie's Education
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 Selected Magazines
Kote has been featured in many publications, including American Art Collector, International Artists Magazine, and Pratique des Arts Magazine. 
American Art Collector Magazine August 2021, Featured Article, Artist Focus 
Westport Magazine, February 2021 Issue, Featured Article, ‘’Five Of Our Favorite Artist’’  ‘Artists + Makers’ issue
Westport Magazine, December 2020 Issue 
Sasee Magazine, October 2020, Cover Artist 
Pratique des Arts Magazine July 2018, Featured Article, Between Figurative and Abstraction, Written by Simon Thurston
International Artists Magazine January 2018, Featured Article, Master Painters Of The World  
American Art Collector Magazine September 2017, Featured Article
Pratique des Arts Magazine November 2017, Featured Article, 50 Acrylic Masters, Written by Caroline Duchesnes
American Art Collector Magazine June 2017, Featured Article, Marine Edition, Collectors FocusArt & Beyond Magazine March-April 2016, Featured Article, Choice Award for the  ''Always in the Middle''American Art Collector Magazine June 2015, Featured Article, Collecting Marine ArtAmerican Art [...]

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