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Jose A. Enriquez was born in 1971 in Brawley California into a family of field workers where harvesting the fields was the only way of life his parents knew.  This agrarian upbringing provided much of the discipline and commitment he needed to pursue a higher education and become a painter.  He graduated from San Diego State University with a BFA in 2006 with honors and recently attained his MFA (cum Laude) from Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
Jose is currently a figurative and landscape painter who continues to embrace his culture through his paintings.  His most recent works pay homage to the daily lives of the laborers of the fields from his home town in Brawley California.  Jose’s work captures the tedious nature of agricultural work through a limited color palette.  His realism represents diligent work that people put into making a better life for themselves and their family.

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