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"The appeal of the "West", the cowboys, and tricks, the lifestyle in general, is something that appeals to a wide range of audience.   Joni's paintings remind me of the romance of thie life.  Anyone who lives this life knows how tough it is.  I think Joni Flint has captured the romance. No matter which you think, I know you'll love your work"  artbystaci.com


Joni has been involved in art all of her life and loves to paint horses, rodeo scenes and animals.  With being a very avid Team Roper and having a husband that has competed in Rodeo most of his life, Joni has been inspired to put her love of horses and animals down on canvas.  Just being with the animals’ presents a wealth of subject matter plus the challenge of trying to capture the excitement she feels in her paintings.
Joni has studied with Dan Baxter, Zelda Bills and Gail Della Piana.  Influenced by artist mother Elva Malin, her friend Kathryn Stats and the many artists associated with them such as Bonnie Posselli, Larry Wade and LaWana Smith.  All who have been generous with their encouragement, critiques and advice. 
"I am a western painter inspired by the unmistakable honesty of living life as a rancher, living and loving animals who have entrusted their well being to my caring for them."
"My artist enthusiasm was fostered by my mother, Elva Malin who has been well respected as a landscape artist. It is my desire to grow and encompass new thoughts and renditions of what has always been the best of who I am"

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