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My goal with my artwork is to translate the image in my mind to a painting in a poetic and creative manner. 

Very simply, I paint what I love and I love to paint.  Once something captures my attention, a creative journey begins.  It is a journey that allows me to visually express the image that has formed in my mind and captured my attention.  I always feel an emotional connection to my artwork and I hope that shows through with each piece I complete.      
I think landscapes, and in particular rural scenes, appeal to me because I spent my early years on a farm in northern Minnesota.  With landscapes I especially enjoy capturing images of common ordinary scenes from everyday life that may otherwise be taken for granted.  My creativity could be spurred by the placement of trees across a field, chicken scattering across a driveway, sunlight bouncing off objects or casting deep shadows.  I find never ending inspiration in the landscape.   
I primarily work in soft pastel, a medium that was favored by many famous artists, such as Degas and Mary Cassatt.  It is the same dry powder pigment used to make oil paint but mixed with a binder, instead of oil.   When properly cared for, a painting in pastel will not lose its wonderful luminous qualities but remain fresh and vibrant as the day it was painted. 
I have called Hudson, Wisconsin home since 1977.  Currently, my art work focuses on the St. Croix River Valley and surrounding rural areas.  I often paint outdoors on location throughout the year or my home studio.  


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