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The son of Missionaries, JC grew up partly in Texas and partly in Japan. While traveling to Japan as a young boy, JC experienced the rugged unspoiled beauty of the American Southwest as well as the crisp snow, green pines, and the glassy waters of a small Japanese mountain village named Karuizawa. These experiences created a deep love of nature and a desire to capture it into his artwork.  JC sketched on any piece of paper that he could find. The joy of trying to capture this beauty in sketches and paintings left a deep imprint life that has never left him.
As he grew older, JC began to study the masters. His main influences have come from: Fredric Remington, Andrew Wyeth,  John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn. More recently, JC has been influenced by more modern artists such as Jeremy Lipking, Clyde Aspevig and Matt Smith among many others.
Creating artwork has always been a passion for JC. He has always desired to focus full-time on his artwork. After raising a family and a career as an engineer, JC has now turned his love of painting into a full-time adventure. Traveling around the USA with his wife DianaJo and Beanie the cat. Many more adventures are sure to come.

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