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I believe that humanity is meant to experience joy at the deepest levels, and for me some evidence is found in our senses. If we were just meant to live simply as functional beings, then why are there unnecessary extras like color and music? Why do we find pleasure in a sunset or a caress? This sense of hidden and discoverable wonder drives me to paint. There is beauty and joy to be found when we look around us, and learning to observe is the first step into art.
The natural beauty of the earth is my first love. I experience it most in holy moments of elusive silence and the thrill of fresh air. I am painfully aware that the noise, pace, and clutter of modern life often insulates and isolates us from the experiences of peace, serenity, and humility that come to us when we regard the majesty of our planet. I love to showcase and highlight our environment through landscape, still life, and wildlife art. Whether it is through dramatic lighting or interesting domestic or wild animal life, I seek to evoke and communicate a sense of wonder and peace in the viewer.
A self-taught artist, Jonathan works in both watercolor and oil. Although he received some local and state recognition while in high school in Washington, he dropped art in college to pursue other interests.  Two decades passed before he started painting again.
In the intervening years, Jonathan picked up photography and focused his artistic eye through the lens.  The thousands of photos that he took over the years today serve as source material for many of his paintings.
Over the past two decades, Jonathan has visited more than 30 countries.  Additionally, he has lived in Turkey, Jordan, and Israel for more than ten years as well as spending significant [...]

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