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Jonathan Gaetke
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 Biographical Statement
My working process combines two of my greatest passions - an appreciation of Gods Creation / nature and painting. This makes painting directly from nature my work environment, also called "plein air" painting. Nature offers an endless variety of subjects and challenges. What I choose to paint comes from an emotional response to a subject and, if done well, hopefully will be reflected back to the viewer. This could be anything from a simple light effect to the complexity of a grand vista. To take my subject matter and deconstruct it and put it back together in a visually clarified and interesting way is my goal. To achieve this goal, I continue to develop the skill sets necessary to have a command of the language of painting, i.e., drawing, value, color, and composition. Finally, painting for me is a self-revealing process that allows me to explore myself and the world around me in a most profound way.
Art Education
 Frank Serrano, Laguna Beach CA. Workshop,2012
Joseph Paquet, Catalina Island Workshop, 2008
1999-2007: Hurinenko & Paquet Studio, St. Paul, Minnesota
2005: The Atelier, Drawing Workshop, Minneapolis, MN
John Foote, Drawing Seminar, H&P Studio, January 2004
Neil Sherman, Basic Landscape Painting, Winter 2003
Joseph Paquet, Summer Landscape Seminar, June 2000
1981-82: School of Visual Arts, St. Paul Minnesota

Plein air SLO, drop in format plein air painting class, 2019
Oil Painting [...]

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