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  • Price Range: $30.00 - $5,200.00
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Artist’s Statement

My art is about my Journey toward Joy. Much of my art comes out of my own inner healing journey and was painted either to remind me of my value or to work through my personal thoughts and struggles about life and relationships. Many of my paintings celebrate the joy I am experiencing increasingly. My desire is for others to experience lasting joy, too.
Every day I paint, design or sketch. I have very high standards for myself and push myself continually. Getting such personal art from my head and heart onto a canvas is a challenging experience and I sometimes vary my style somewhat to communicate better. Recently I have been painting compositions based on flowers which are amazing creations yet last only a few days! I use flowers as metaphors for life. I want my art to challenge the way a viewer sees things and to bring a joyful sense of the order and “rightness” in nature.


What do you achieve when you combine vibrant color and compelling design with spiritual inspiration and an engaging story? You get Joie McClements’ Journey toward Joy.
Joie McClements was destined to be an artist, winning her first awards for her artwork at age 6. From childhood, she has been singing, making music, drawing, painting, and creating art of every kind.
Born and raised in Washington State, Joie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the University of Washington. She augmented her formal education by studying art and design at Olympic Junior College in Bremerton, Washington, and art education at Santa Clara University. As an elementary and high school art teacher in Santa Clara County for more than 30 years, Joie taught fine art, ceramics, photography, digital art, video production, and graphic design, and was selected regional Teacher of [...]

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