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I like nothing better than the challenge of getting a likeness, either from life or from photos, to create a drawing or finished painting. Spending the time it takes to get a feature right is so worth it...gives me goosebumps sometimes. I hope your work will sometimes give you the same feeling.


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// was interested in drawing at an early age....spending a lot of time copying cartoon characters and music album covers.  My best friend and I wanted to be animators for Walt Disney so we used our 8mm movie cameras to produce an animated version of Columbus discovering America.  The plan was to send the clip to Walt as our resume. Never mind that we were only about 12 years old at the time.  Needless to say, we never sent the resume.
I have been lucky to have 3 lives so to speak....my first was as a Marketing Research manager for several consumer goods manufacturers, my second as a professional pilot with two corporations and my current one as an artist.  In my experience, many people say that they do not enjoy their jobs and wish there was something else they could do. But in my case, I was fortunate enough to retire from the best job I ever had as an International Captain.  During my last year, I rediscovered the urge to draw and paint and so when I retired, I jumped back into it full time.
Never having any formal art training, I took some drawing and watercolor painting classes with some terrific teachers including Paul McCormack, Charles Reid, Stan Miller, Ted Nuttall and Mel Stabin.  I may try some other medium some day, but right now watercolor offers enough challenge to keep me working.
In the years since retirement, most of my work has been focused on [...]

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