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John became instantly captivated with art at a young age when he would watch his mother’s paintbrushes form Hawaiian landscapes and portraits of local people. John was born into a naval family in Washington State and moved around to various parts of the United States and Asia where he was exposed to different cultures, people, and scenery. He attended private schools in Hawaii and Taiwan, and that is where he first began to learn the art of drawing. 
John eventually settled in Southern California to obtain his master’s degree and that is where he started painting reflections of his experiences. He later married and moved to Canada where he taught in a small village. There he sharpened his artistic skills by drawing the peaceful landscapes and its unique inhabitants. Inspired by his journeys, John eventually returned to the United States and was ready to expand his study of art. John refined his techniques by attending Utah colleges and the art schools of Tony Ryder, Kamille Corry, and Merrill Art Academy. John has also taught art in public schools, done extensive traveling to famous European art museums, and currently lives in Utah with his wife. John devotes his time to painting people and places. His work has been exhibited in galleries and shows throughout Texas and Utah. He is on the art committee for shows with the Intermountain Society of Artist and the Education Connect committee with Urban At Gallery.


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