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Artist’s Statement:
It’s All About the Light!
The love of light is my inspiration and informs all the subjects I choose. As a colorist at heart, I make paintings that have been critically noted for their ability to render light; giving them an almost palpable sense of time, realism, depth, and volume.
I work primarily in colored pencil on a variety of surfaces and in widely different techniques from ‘tight’ to ‘loose’ yet always with a proclivity toward realism. For me there is no perfect or ‘always’ surface or method. The surface I choose for a particular project depends - on the subject matter, the effect or texture I want and sometimes just what I feel will work. One reviewing author wrote of my work  - "the subject matter and composition always leaves the viewer with a visual mystery - what's behind the door or just out of the field of view?" When I conceive an idea or plan a composition I do attempt a bit of mystery to keep the viewer engaged in the ‘story’. I hold that once the obvious subject has been taken in there should always be something left suggested rather than stated to help the viewer get beyond the what of the piece to the why.
I always seem to be pushing the technical envelope of my medium. A frequent comment made by gallery viewers of these paintings is, "I can't believe that's colored pencil! How did he do that?" I enjoy explaining.
My works rely on strong composition and design, contrasts, and subtle atmospheric perspective techniques learned from my mentors, among whom I count my earliest mentor, Laura Grande, my artist friends ( Leslie Born, Laura Wambsgans, Lorelle Miller and Ernie Dollman), Artist Michael Ohm Untiedt, and masters Joseph Mendez and Frank LaLumia. My work has always been strongly influenced [...]

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