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John's art career began in 2008 when he retired.  He has focused since then on painting and drawing nature - primarily landscapes and birds.  His interest in nature stems from lifelong activities outdoors.  He is certified as a Master Birder through Seattle Audubon and has a broad knowledge of Northwest species, and spent a number of years doing serious bird photography, which now serves as reference images for bird paintings.  Before his knees began to protest too much, he did much hiking and backpacking, and has walked the Pacific Crest Trail from Fish Lake in Oregon north to about 50 miles into Washington state.  An annual float trip down the wonderful Deschutes River in central Oregon serves as inspiration for his work as well. 
John primarily paints in oil, though his earlier work includes watercolors and he still uses watercolors for sketching and travel journaling.  He enjoys plein air painting and regularly paints from life outside during the warmer months. 
Initially self-taught, he studied at North Seattle Community College under long-time department head Elroy Christensen, and has taken workshops and classes from well-known painters Scott Christensen, Richard McKinley, Mitchell Albala, Suzanne Brooker and Tom Hoffman and also studied with Steve Whitney and Molly Hashimoto.  Artists he admires in addition to his instructors include Clyde Aspevig, Edgar Payne, Richard Schmid, Albert Handell and Kevin MacPherson. 

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