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Originally from western New York, John studied design and art at Rochester Institute of Technology, and then at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.  His work took him from Los Angeles to Minneapolis and then to New York City where he worked as a Designer and Art Director for a number of design groups and television networks.
Whenever he and his wife would leave “the city” for a weekend, the landscape would have a strong impact on him, reminding him of his upbringing, when, if not playing baseball, he would spend many a summer day working the fields for his father on the family tree nursery, working in “wind and rain and weather”.  Living in New York City provided opportunities for a different kind of culture, that of great art in museums and galleries.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art became a favorite, as did the Frick Museum and MoMa.  Retrospectives on Corot, Monet, Lucian Freud, and exhibits featuring the Hudson River School Painters, Van Gogh, Odd Nerdrum, and George Inness caused John to grow in his appreciation of great art.  When he became a "hands off" Design Director in early 2001, he decided to get "hands on" and began painting when he could find time between work and a growing family.
9/11 happened six months later, and within months John was meeting up weekly in Tribeca, just blocks from ground zero, with former National Council of the Arts member, Mako Fujimura, who gathered artists of various disciplines together for coffee and bagels, to engage in discussions of art, faith and purpose.   Englishman, Nigel Goodwin, was a guest at the group and became the catalyst for John to pursue this call in the arts and in 2004 when an opportunity presented itself, he moved west with his family to Colorado and began [...]

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