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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $500.00 - $6,000.00
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As most serious artists, I have painted and drawn since I was very young. I initially made my living as a Commercial Artist, doing  corporate graphic design and illustration. After a big change in my life (divorce) in my mid thirties, I began studies at the Atelier Richards in Amarillo, Texas. This school, run by Kirk Richards, was patterned after the European ateliers that taught classical painting methods in the 19th century. Because of a dwindling student enrollment, Kirk closed his school after an eight year run, after I had completed one semester of training. I next went to Excelsior, Minnesota to complete my training at the Atelier LeSueur, under the direction of Annete LeSueur. Both Kirk and Annete had completed their studies at the Atelier Lack in Minneapolis.
The time I spent in Amarillo and Minneapolis in school were some of the best years of my life. I thank Kirk and Annete for all their help in completing my studies. After I finished up at The Atelier LeSueur in 1992, I returned to Amarillo and began painting works for galleries. After eight years in Amarillo, I relocated to Oklahoma City, where I have some very good friends. Many years of work finally began to pay off in better galleries and more sales. Just as I was thinking I had made a breakthrough, disaster struck. I woke up one Friday morning in  April, 2004 and my vision was not right. By Sunday, the retina of my left eye had detached about 60% from the back of my eye. Every trick in the book was used by my retinal surgeon, Dr. Maxwell, to save what vision I do have, but now I am pretty much one eyed. A few months later, the same thing began to happen to my right eye. This time [...]

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