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John Starr, born in Oklahoma, was reared by his Cherokee grandmother.  Together they traveled to California where he developed his love of southwest art.
In 1990 John began studying oil painting and plein air art with Diana Collins Hecht and later with Martha Saudek of the Los Angeles Art Academy.  His love of nature and American Indian heritage are depicted in his themes of mountains, rivers and valleys of the Southwest.
Each painting contains brushstrokes that are precise and purposeful.  Starr was so invested in capturing even the  minute detail that he wore a magnification visor while painting so that he could “put himself” inside of his own artwork.  Along with his wife, Peggy, they took many trips across the Southwest so that he could soak in the inspirations of the environment around him and put them on canvas.  Each painting contains such meticulous detail that you feel as though you are standing alongside him.
John exhibited his art in galleries throughout the Los Angeles area, including a private showing at the Blue Rooster Gallery in Burbank, CA.  He was a long time member of the California Art Club and served on the Board of Directors of the Valley Artist Guild of the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles).  Several of his paintings are permanently exhibited at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center of Burbank, CA.
John received numerous awards and honors including special recognition by the Burbank Art Association and the San Gabriel Art Association.  He was honored as best of show at Viva Art Gallery in Sherman Oaks, CA.
John passed away on October 1, 2013 and his site is being managed by his wife, Peggy Starr.  There are 100 pieces of art remaining in his collection.

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