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I'm John Reynolds and I'm an architect and a full time artist and teacher of drawing and painting.  I paint with oil on panel or oil on canvas or oil on paper mounted to board or oil on copper sheet.  I love them all.  I'm old enough to be long since retired but I'm a starving artist who will have to work and sell for as long as I can hold a brush and slap paint.  I like classical drawing and painting.  My work is representational realism but fairly loose with minimal detail.  I'm still learning as I teach and I'll never get to be good compared to good painters today but I hope a few people like my work and will be pleased to own a few paintings in their collection.   
And most importantly, I think all of us who are not living in poverty should be appreciative of art and supporters of fine art and become collectors.  My walls are filled with paintings of artists whom I admire from all over the country.  I can't afford to buy expensive art but I can afford to surround myself with fine art that pleases me and I have the satisfaction of owning genuine fine art. 
I love painting and I hope we can get to know each other better and perhaps you will see something of my work you like and start a collection of my work.  The paintings I will be posting will be affordable and easy to purchase so please look for something you like.  Paintings get passed down from generation to generation and never get thrown away.  So Cheers and have a great day!
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