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   At an early age, John showed a natural talent for drawing and art. Growing up in Wisconsin, along the banks of the Mississippi River, John developed an early interest in nature and outdoor pursuits. Becoming an active sportsman, specifically waterfowl hunting, his art inspirations turned to waterfowl and sporting art. Having the Mississippi marshlands so easily accessible provided for an abundance of reference material.
    During this period of time in his life, John became very involved with Ducks Unlimited. Several of his waterfowl paintings were donated for auction at events to help support the Ducks Unlimited cause. Also, in 1980, John placed 2nd in the Wisconsin Duck Stamp competition, also competing several times in the Federal Duck Stamp competition.
    Over the years, John has developed a strong interest in historical western art, focusing on Native American, the fur trade era, the cowboy, and cavalry paintings. John's work portrays exciting and action-filled depictions of 19th century western themes, emphasizing the rugged independence and adventurous spirit of those who lived and traveled throughout the American west at a time when that area was first being settled. 
   John and his wife Terri presently reside in the mountains of northeastern Washington state, where John produces his work from his home studio. John travels throughout the western U.S. obtaining reference material from mountain man, Native American, and cavalry reenactments. Trips to beautiful landscapes throughout the west often become backgrounds for his compositions. Even though the settings can be a specific place, the paintings mostly are generic in nature, not specifically depicting any particular historical person or  event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              John's skill as an artist does not come from extensive education or training, but is a God-given gift. "I can only give all the credit to God for the ability I have," states John.  
        "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten [...]

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