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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.johnmalec.com

  • Year Born: 1944

  • Parlin Award winner

  • High tech Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Chicago-Mackinac race winner

  • Price Range: $1,900.00 - $4,500.00

The Artist Says:

Painting centers me.  I have a tremendous need to complement my cerebral side with beauty captured on canvas.  I've found no other undertaking that provides the same sense of fulfillment.  The learning process is endless.  Each painting brings a new challenge.  Adequately solving that challenge provides personal satisfaction while also highlighting an endless journey to improve.


John Malec is a representational painter capturing scenes and light from places he loves.  He is a member of the Palette & Chisel Academy (PNC), the Plein Air Painters Chicago and the Sonoran Plein Air Painters.
A deep love of art grew as a patron of art museums from a young age; and, later, as a collector enabled by entrepreneurial IT success in his 30's.  He is a member of the Chicago Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame. 
Despite making his living with numbers, what really captured his interest was the way things looked . . .  an urge to create works himself. His first painting was in 1978.  The challenges encountered in his earliest works served only as motivation to improve – and remains his strongest motive today.  He began to study art and experiment with materials and technique, including workshops with Mark Boedges, Clayton Beck III and Lenin Delsol along with thrice weekly "Open Studio" alla prima sessions at PNC Academy. 
Moving to Tucson in 2019, painting is now a daily obsession and his several hundred work portfolio ranges from landscapes to figurative to still life.
His landscapes feature mountains or oceans.  During the 1980's and 1990's he was one of the U.S.'s top amateur ocean racing sailors.  Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Canadian vacations over the years nurtured a love of mountains, valleys, fast moving rivers, and snow.
His work is influenced by the artists he studies with and the works selected for his personal collection including Mihanovic, Aguilar, Nicola Simbari, Gregory Hull and Matt Smith. He has sold out his works at several group shows at the Palette and Chisel Academy and is carried by Art House Centro gallery in Tucson.  Two of his recent works have earned “Fav 15” in juried Bold Brush competitions with hundreds of professional painters submitting.

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