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I aim for expressionistic realism


I am a part-time painter living in the Southern California mountains. I used to do a lot of painting and drawing years ago but drifted away over time. Although my degrees are in computer science, I never stopped exercising the right side of my brain. I re-engaged with the craft of painting a few years ago when my lovely wife bought me an easel for Christmas. Each new painting I attempt brings a new learning experience.
Lately I have been spending a lot of time working in Dayton, Ohio. Some of the outdoor scenes in my paintings reflect the many parks and rivers in the area. I actually grew up in Columbus but moved to California many years ago. Lake Arrowhead, where I now live, is a picturesque village around a mountain lake. Many of the old Hollywood movies were shot in the area.
Artist Statement
I work with heavy body acrylics on fairly large canvases with a lot of detail and bold colors. I call my style realistic impressions because, while the overall feel of my work is definitely realism, I like to offset the detail with impressionistic splashes of color. My inspiration comes from the hidden beauty in ordinary objects. Instead of smooth blending, I use puzzle pieces of color to emphasize the complex relationship of light and shadow over form.
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2019 Faces #1, Faces #2, Faces #3 selected for exhibition Online Catalog of Professional Artists (OCPA)
2019 Rounding Home selected for exhibition NOAPS spring international online exhibit
2019 Faces #2 receives Honorable mention Circle Foundation Front and Back Cover of Spotlight Magazine (Issue 13) Competition
2019 Rounding Home received [...]

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