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Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I have an overwhelming passion for witnessing meditative moments in the natural landscape. I concentrate deeply on my place in the world and the scene in front of me and make a work of art. Each finished work is a sort of relic marking a time and place. Many of my paintings appear representational but actually incorporate memory and change and are not based on a single image. I often paint several versions of the same image, trying different approaches and finishes. I travel often, especially to National Parks, and obsess over the natural beauty all around me. 
I am interested in exploring the concept of landscape in a naive, symbolic and nostalgic way.  My works are inspired by a conflict between an ideal of Fulfilled Absence and Horror Vacui. I often embrace imperfections, like intentionally marked grounds, or thick and out of place brushstrokes, as ways of embracing flaws as beautifully human. I work in a multi-stage labor-intensive processes which I often feel is a personal exorcism ritual. The resulting image feels like my own appreciation of existence. 
I was born in 1975. Spent much of my early life in Pennsylvania. I am a proud veteran of the Army, have a BFA and MFA, and I currently live and work in Hereford, AZ.

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