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John David Ford • Plein Air Painting • Aviano, Italy 2015
I was born in Sumter, South Carolina and from an early age fell in love with art and the artists way of life. I was always aware of the beauty of nature and the animals that inhabited this world. I would many times be caught day dreaming and more interested in the birds in the trees outside the classroom, when my teacher would call on me.
My 2nd grade teacher told my mother once that I didn't always seem to be with the rest of the class as I was constantly distracted by nature. She noted that I expressed myself very well in my drawings and with that revelation I was on my way to a life filled with drawing and painting which also included a keen interest in music. I excelled in art throughout school and after high school spent 8 years in the USAF serving my country. At that time I decided art school was where I wanted to be.
So, I attended Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, FL for a time and while there was a studio assistant to the great American Golden Age Illustrator, Thornton Utz. Eventually, I transferred to the Harris School of Art in Franklin, TN to continue my studies. After graduation I was employed by Scott Mead Paper as an illustrator for a few years and continued illustrating manuals and the likes for a few companies.
With the advent of the computer I transferred my training into this new market and worked for many years as a package designer for the food retail business. Retiring from commercial work I spend all my time painting... my first love!

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