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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.johndavidanderson.ca

  • Year Born: 1954

  • the impressionist light story in warm and cool colour dominates the approach I take

  • the energy of plein air work is also the approach in the studio - if it looks laboured, it is...

  • I am here to record and project joy filled interpretations of light - It make me very happy...

  • Price Range: $250.00 - $5,200.00

The Artist Says:

There are only 3 things that can go wrong in a painting, Shape-Value-Colour!
If there is a line, break it before it takes over the painting...
If there is a pattern, change it before it dominates a painting...
How are you holding your brush? under like you are holding a pen is for signing a cheque to me, on top is like a conductor but with colour and light...
Use the flat of the brush, not the tip when apply a stroke of paint...the tip is for brushing your teeth, the flat is for laying down colour...
A detail on a bad painting is still a detail on a bad painting...the composition and structure of values and shapes needs to be ready to present a detail...
Colour is not red, yellow, blue or green  but warm or cool as it responds to the light story of the moment in that place...


Painting is pretty much like breathing for me now. I started at a young age copying the works of Glen Loates and Andrew Wyeth  and it just grew from there with the increased exposure to more and more possibilities with paint. Northern and southern European impressionists along with some of the  French and Dutch painters as well as North American impressionists all have left their mark on me. The quality of light in anything I see becomes the focus of my thoughts when a painting begins. Light has an emotional statement to make as it touches things, passes by them, floods over them...it creates a colour field that allows me to enter in. Once in the the space I begin an expression of the space and the affect it has on me. Colour relationships are the voice of that illuminated space that I try to speak to with my brush.
Its always exciting.  
April 2009 solo show - Mad and Noisy Gallery, Creemore, Ontario.
May 2009 Dunedin Art Retreat - May 10 - 15th - Oils workshop
June 2009 Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts Studio Tour
June 2009 Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting - Plein air Workshop
July 2009 Haliburton School of the Arts - 2 week long plein air courses, Beginner and Advanced
September 2009 Purple Hills Studio Tour, Creemore, Ontario.
April 2011,  Mad and Noisy Gallery Show - with Sculptor Katherine Beatty
June/July 2011  Double Door Gallery Anten Mills - Show with CA Henry
June 2011   Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting - 4th year of classes in Oil Plein Air
July / August 2011 Haliburton School for the Arts/ Fleming College - 13th year of Plein Air oils and Acrylics Classes 
Winter 2012 - Solo Show at Hugh's Room, Toronto
Summer 2012 - Haliburton School for the Arts / Fleming College - plein Air Oils, Acrylics Classes
August [...]

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