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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.buxtonart.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Paints 18th century Eastern Woodland Frontier historical scenes

  • accepts commissions

  • no official gallery representation for originals. Reproductions may be obtained through The Greenwich Workshop galleries, nationwide.

  • Price Range: $1,500.00 - $65,000.00

The Artist Says:

I attempt to portray scenes of the 18th century. Therefore , they have to be believable . No wild colors or hard to see details , as most artists can readily create. I strive to give a glimpse of early life on the Eastern Woodland Frontier. With the hope that it might urge viewers to return to those developing years of this country & to appreciate the struggles and hardship that shaped us into what we are today ... for better or worse.
I feel that my work is a bit more involved than that of most artist & painters. I need to create a pleasing composition , pleasing color, and hopefully something worthy of being displayed .... and it has to be historically correct. My paintings are not meant to alter history. They are meant to transport the viewer back to the time of our ancestors existence in this "New World".
I have a sense of humor , but I am dead serious about my work !


John Buxton's 31 years as a successful illustrator has evolved into these past 20 + years as an honored Fine Artist . Painting scenes inspired by the 18th century Wilderness Frontier. A frontier that influenced the development and relations of "The New World "; it's people and what would become a New Nation.
There have been many awards and accomplishments along his 55 year career. John's work is recognized in the Western Art genre. Perhaps because in the early years of European settlement ... the "West"...did not yet extend beyond the eastern mountain range or the Mississippi River. This allows his paintings to be exhibited at The Masters Of The American West Show at the Autry Museum each year. The Eiteljorg Museum of Indianapolis, also exhibits his paintings in it's Quest For The West Show annually.
History Meets The Arts show, in Gettysburg, PA, will have it's 21 year show for 2018. Buxton's artwork has been shown there from it's beginning.
Settlers West Gallery's American Miniatures Show, every February, is Buxton's only gallery show. Simply because of the time it takes to properly research and paint for the annual museum shows and yearly commissions.
Research, read, more research, or hire an Historian to qualify the authenticity or every detail... before beginning any sketches or developing compositions. IT HAS TO BE CORRECT. Because John's paintings hang in Museums, at Historical sites, are used in documentary films, books & magazines. His images help to bring visual reality to the written word in many classrooms also.
After 31 years of painting almost every subject; using numerous styles and techniques to please countless clients ... why Historical Art now?
Perhaps, because his ancestors were among this country's first settlers? They arrived in the 17th century as a part of first permanent English Colony in North America.... Jamestown. (check your history books [...]

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