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John E. Bullock is a retired orthopaedic surgeon who left a successful California medical practice in 1972 to become a medical missionary.  He and his wife, Hortense J. Bullock, served in Bangladesh at Memorial Christian Hospital under The Association of Baptists for almost eighteen years.  John began painting in the mid-1980's, while the couple was on vacation in Malaysia, and has been painting ever since, receiving instruction from Hortense. He has also attended numerous art workshops under well known artists including Al Stine, Gerald Brommer, Stephen Quiller, Robert Reynolds, Robert Burridge, Julia Ayers,  Eric Wiegardt  and others.        The Bullocks retired from foreign duty with the mission in 1993, and spent several years living in the southeastern USA. Since 2001 they maintained their home and studio in  a small town in Utah gold country. The Bullocks have recently moved to Oregon.       John works mainly in watermedia and oil.  His subjects include historic buildings and sites, landscapes, and waterfront scenes.  He has been a member of numerous art societies.  His works have been juried into many exhibitions, and are in private collections in the southeastern USA and in the western USA, as well as internationally.Statement of the Artist:     While working as an orthopaedic surgeon I became very much aware of the beauty of the human body and its intricate design.  This lead me to a greater appreciation of the beauty that is all around us in God's creation.Being married to an artist for many years I have learned from my wife to be observant of things of which many people are unaware, but that are things of great beauty.  It was only natural that I developed a desire to capture some of those things on paper and canvas to share with other people and to help them become more aware [...]

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