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THANK YOU for visiting my website!
       Well, I was wrong.  In the Fall of last year I thought I was going to be concentrating entirely on stone scupture, and I removed everything else from my website. 
However, after printing another woodcut Christmas card for 2020 and five editions of Valentine Cards for 2021, and after doing more watercolor cards for my church choir and for friends and family, I found that I am going to be involved in painting and printing as well as in sculpture, just as I have been doing in the past.    I enjoy working in all three media.
        So I am gradually re-constructing my website to show some recent work in painting and printing as well as sculpture. 
        Here in my third year of retirement as an Assistant Attorney General, State of Texas, I am more involved in visual art than ever before.   I plan to continue to reconstruct my website to show my recent work and some older work from the past. 
John Beauduy.     Feb. 24, 2021
Subject to expanding this biography later,  here's my basic educational background.  
                   High School -   W.T. White High School, Dallas, Texas.   Graduated 1967.
                   Bachelor of Arts with Honors, University of Texas at Austin, 1971.
                   Doctor of Jurisprudence, University of Texas School of Law, 1977.
                   Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors, University  of Texas at Austin,  1986. 

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