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Hello! I am an emerging artist depicting vibrant landscapes and expressing my love for nature. Based in Denver, CO, I draw inspiration from hikes into the vast wilderness that is my backyard.
I incorporate various techniques and philosophies from impressionists and realist painters, namely a sense of composition and drawing combined with experimental techniques using color theory and optical mixing. Focusing on the phenomenal scenes from Colorado's wilderness, my paintings play with color and light as well as distance to create a visceral sense of place and impression of the landscape. Local color harmonies dance in and out of layers within the work, providing a vibrancy and energy meant to depict the wonderful reaction of light bouncing off and reacting with the color of the elements. 
Originally from south Texas, I moved to Colorado to be closer to the mountains and get away from the heat. What I found were scenes of towering rock and an equal and opposite extreme of cold and capricious weather. Like many before, I was inspired by the dramatic landscape and decided to dedicate the majority of my art practice to the study of nature, extreme weather notwithstanding. 
I am very happy to have you view my work! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding my work, you may reach me at [email protected] 
Thanks for viewing! 

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