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Joey grew up in Ft Wayne, Indiana and pursued her early love of drawing as a Fine Art major at Miami University of Ohio. Her journey in the world of art took a detour when she moved to Colorado and followed a career path in oil and gas exploration spanning 25 years in Denver and then in Tulsa, OK.  Joey’s artistic outlet during those years was photography. “Composing a good photograph is much like composing a good painting; both must read well and tell an interesting story.”  After retiring, she eagerly returned to art and was pleased to see that old talents could be renewed. She has immersed herself in painting and enjoys both pastel and oil as mediums for her realistic style.  Her enthusiasm has been fueled by studying with well known local and national artists such as Mary E Russell, Margaret Aycock, Leonard Wren, Albert Handell, Ann Templeton, J Chris Morel, Diane Ainsworth, Marc Hanson, & Terry Ludwig.  She has also organized workshops for some of these artists.
She works both from life on location and from her own photographic references in her studio. Joey and her husband, Al, who engraves metal by hand, share a two story studio behind their home giving them both room for their artistic pursuits. A Labrador Retriever and a Labradoodle keep them company. Primarily a landscape artist, her work is inspired by nature's subtle beauty in her Oklahoma surroundings and other intriguing locales. The Frisillo's home overlooks sandy beaches, sandstone cliffs and an ancient Cross Timbers forest that surrounds Lake Keystone. "The longer I live in Oklahoma the more I appreciate its beauty. I see the most inspiring sunsets from my own patio.” Whether painting sweeping vistas or more intimate subjects, her pastels and oils are enlivened with rich layers of color and texture.
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